Michael Shapira

Contact Improvisation happened to me in my mid twenties. It made me fall in love with the floor, and for a dancer starting late, that was a very good start. When one day in a workshop led by Nancy Stark Smith, i was asked to do a solo, i realised the dangerous closeness between the practice of CI and my relation to dance. I was lucky enough to be rescued by a witch and a magician, both disguised as the directors of the dance school at Bewegungs-art in Freiburg, Germany. Lilo Stahl taught me to always look for the heart of things and Bernd Ka taught me to be professionally silly. To these two childish masters i owe a whole lot.

My relation with performance and improvisation is made up of my desire, my taste, my personality, my hangups, my beliefs, my experience and my ignorance. I tend to look underneath form, like a dance- psychoanalist. I believe only what i see and therefore i often don't believe what i see. I commit to the endless negotiation between form and meaning.


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2013. Be prolific. Practice obsession.

2014. It's now or never.

2015. Do.